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Clomid chief urologist of the Euromedica clinic, talks about the signs by which prostatitis can be determined: Difficulty urinating with prostatitis is very dangerous, which, in the absence of timely treatment, can lead to acute urinary retention. Men should not ignore such indirect signs of the development of prostatitis as a complete or partial decrease in libido, accelerated ejaculation, sometimes painful, prolonged erection at night. All these symptoms are characteristic of inflammation of the prostate gland, and even in an uncomplicated stage and amenable to adequate treatment.

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A symptom of chronic prostatitis is burning in the urethra and perineum, the discharge of pus at the end of the act of defecation or urination, increased fatigue and irritability of the body.

If we talk about clomid visible even to a non-specialist, then in most cases patients notice transparent or sometimes purulent discharge from the urethra, especially noticeable in the morning and the presence of white flakes and threads in the urine. Acute form. Like many diseases, prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic. General symptoms are typical for the manifestation of the acute form of the disease. Often accompanied by an increase in body temperature, headaches.

As a rule, pain in the perineum is pronounced, covers the groin area and intensifies during urination or defecation. Feeling of frequent urge to use the toilet, which does not bring relief anddue to incomplete emptying of the bladder, leads to increased irritability and nervous excitability of patients. In severe cases, acute urinary retention develops.


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Chronic form. In contrast to the acute form, the chronic form of prostatitis has an asymptomatic course and proceeds latently (that is, without pronounced characteristic signs). The clinical picture is often erased, with mild symptoms, patients do not pay due attention to the obvious discomfort and do not consider it necessary to seek medical help, confusing the symptoms of prostatitis with prostate adenoma, which is extremely dangerous. The principles of treatment of these diseases are completely different, as are the possible complications with undesirable consequences.

Often, the deterioration of general well-being, problems with potency and nervous disorders are attributed by men to fatigue and lack of rest, that is, a person simply does not want to realize that he is sick and needs treatment. An important role in the timely detection of this disease is played by annual preventive examinations, which make it possible to establish a diagnosis at the earliest stages.

White flakes in urine. The chronic form of inflammation of the prostate is expressed in fast-passing, mild pain in the perineum, in the area of ​​the pubis and groin. As a rule, the duration of sexual intercourse changes, both in the direction of lengthening, and vice versa, and the brightness of sexual sensations. Discharge appears from the urethra, especially in the morning, or white flakes are visible in the urine with the naked eye (if you put it in a glass, you can see flakes in the form of white smoke).

Poor urination. Since the inflammatory process leads to the narrowing of the lumen of the urethra, urination disorders occur, which men should pay attention to first of all: the urine stream becomes weak, urination may be dropwise or difficult at the beginning or at the end. Many patients have a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder or uncontrolled urine leakage.

Frequent urination.

The inflammatory process irritates the nerve endings, leading to frequent urination, especially at night, usually in small portions. All these symptoms clearly indicate the development of the pathological process and require immediate medical attention.

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