It’s always shocking to discover that the foods we love and enjoy aren’t available everywhere in the world. Countries often ban certain products if they are unhealthy or do not comply with their food and health regulations. Imagine someone telling you that french fries are banned in your country. Wouldn’t it be a horror movie to imagine a life without these good old fries? Here is a list of 10 FOODS AND BEVERAGES NOT AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD, because they are prohibited elsewhere:


Many countries feed their chickens a chemical called “arsenic” which is banned on the European continent. Arsenic is added to improve the appearance of the chicken and give it a pink appearance. It was therefore banned because it is one of the leading causes of cancer.


Processed potato foods, such as french fries or crisps, are added an important element. This element is called “olestra” and replaces fat. The use of olestra has been banned in Canada and the United Kingdom. According to studies, olestra causes an increase in intestinal problems and is therefore banned in many countries around the world.


Many people drink raw milk, especially on the Asian and European continents. Unpasteurized milk is not available on other continents because it contains bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. This product is banned in Scotland, Canada, parts of the United States and also Australia. According to FDA rules, all milk must be pasteurized and must meet the corresponding standards. Each country has its own FDA regulations in this regard.


All over the world, people like to drink energy drinks after an intense workout. However, these drinks are known to contain bromine vegetable oil which is a known cause of some mental illness. These beverages are not available in more than 100 countries around the world. So you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite energy drinks the next time you venture to explore the world.


Samosa, is a crusted food manufactured mainly in India and Africa. However, it is not available in Somalia and the reason for this is that a samosa is said to be too Christian. The reason it is called too Christian is due to its triangular shape that apparently resembles the Holy Trinity, and is therefore on the list of banned foods worldwide.

The maternal joy of children

When we were children, we all loved the joys of childhood, because not only did it give us chocolate, but she associated it with a surprise toy. It is made in Italy and is available in Mexico and Canada. However, exports to the United States of America have been banned because they are contrary to food regulations. It is not acceptable to sell an inedible item with an edible item.”


Salmon is, as we know, an excellent source of protein and vitamin D like other fish. However, farmed salmon has caused several problems due to the use of astaxanthin. Salmon has caused a stir in New Zealand and Australia. This ban was put in place in Australia as early as 1975 to prevent the importation of diseased fish and remains banned to this day.


Pink slime serves as a filler in many products such as burgers and is also used to kill bacteria. The ammonium hydroxide it contains is banned in the UK and Canada. Although its consumption is allowed in limited quantities in the United States, the European Union has completely banned the consumption of this product, calling it dangerous to human health.


Ireland is the land of the most delicious puddings of all time, called haggis. Haggis owes its taste to the sheep’s lung that prevents it from being eaten in America. A few American restaurants try to prepare haggis without the components of the lung, but the taste is not very good. So next time you want to enjoy a serving of haggis, get ready to travel to Ireland!


Sassafras can help heal wounds and wounds very quickly and is also a good ingredient in a salad. However, the oil it produces is not safe and has therefore been banned worldwide.