The 15 strangest places in the world to visit in 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s exactly why we create these galleries with beautiful places – to inspire you to drop everything and go into nature following your heart. If you’re wondering where to start to explore this vast and beautiful world, well, we have a few places that will definitely take your breath away. They are mysterious, enchanting, and unusual in every way. Here are the 15 strangest places in the world that you should visit in 2020.

Die Rakotzbrick

Also known as the Devil’s Bridge, Die Rakotzbrick is a bridge in Germany famous for its near-perfect architecture. With its reflection, it forms a perfect circle that looks simply hypnotic, no matter how you look at it. A must-see!

Salar de Uyuni

This large Bolivian prehistoric lake turns into the world’s largest natural mirror when a thin layer of water covers its white rocky bottom. The lake itself is long gone and what you see is the magnificent salt rock formation that came out of it. The Salar de Uyuni is also home to flocks of beautiful flamingos.

Underwater Park

This underwater park is not a simple gadget created at the bottom of a lake, it is a real green park that is found underwater from time to time according to the change of seasons! Located on the green lake of Tragoess, this natural phenomenon is a must for all beauty lovers.

Jellyfish Lake

The Palau region has more than 70 lakes, but only one of them is called Jellyfish Lake. You can easily guess why! In 2013, the authorities closed the lake to visitors because the jellyfish had almost disappeared… And then everything changed! In just a few years, the jellyfish population has returned to its “normal” level.

Lake Natron

How about a lake that mummifies its visitors? Birds and animals that visit Lake Natron often turn into frightening-looking mummies by calcification. I don’t know if the lake really plays a role in the death of these animals or if they have something to do with it, but the result is frightening to say the least.

Vlei dead

Visiting a dry oasis may not seem like the most romantic idea, but look at the colors and textures of Dead Vlei! The name can be roughly translated as “dead swamp,” and it offers views like you’ve never seen before.

Christ from the Abyss

The submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ is a favorite spot for divers from all over the world. It is 2.5 meters high, which is impressive even underwater! Put this place on the list of must-see things in Italy.

Huashan Mountain

Mount Huashan may not be the most spectacular mountain in the world, but its course of gravity-defying planks in the sky is certainly unique! At the end of this horrible trail, you’ll find a tea house (that’s China, right?), but to get there, you’ll have to cross the most vertiginous and dangerous path on the planet.

Lake Retba

Have you ever imagined swimming in pink water? Well, even if you don’t, you can definitely go to Senegal and do it in the pink waters of Lake Retba in Dakar. The lake owes its particular color to the algae Dunaliella salina, a particular type of plankton, and to certain minerals. It is safe to swim in the lake, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

Blood Falls

Antarctica is home to many wonders, but you rarely hear about the frightening drops of blood! They are particularly bizarre and threatening in the middle of this beautiful white environment covered with ice and snow. The blood fall owes its beautiful red color to the presence of huge amounts of iron in the water. It’s the same process that rusts iron!

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

The Siete Colores mountain, also known as the Rainbow Mountain or simply Vinicunca, is a colorful wonder of Peru that few people know about. It is very difficult to reach, but once at the top, you will be rewarded with a view that few people have seen with their own eyes.

Fingal Cave

The remote islands of Staffa in Scotland are home to a unique natural phenomenon: square caves! We are used to caves being round and rocky, but this is not the case with Fingal Cave. It has a square hole and all the formations inside are also very geometric. They are simply breathtaking!

Uluru Monolith

Australia is home to a plethora of strange and wonderful things, but the Uluru monolith is one of the most important. This gigantic mountain is actually a giant rock 348 meters high. Yes, you heard that right – just a gem! And you won’t see anything like it in the vicinity: it’s sitting there, on flat ground, as if someone had thrown it there…

Mount Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu is a very special mountain because it contains three lakes of different colors. One is turquoise, another is black and the last is sky blue. Together, they form the most fascinating show ever! To make things even weirder, the colors of these three lakes change all the time.

Ruby Falls

Head to Lookout Mountain, near Tennessee, for the most majestic sight: Ruby Falls. Yes, the lighting is artificial and far from natural, but that doesn’t make Ruby Falls any less spectacular! Enjoy the stalactites, stalagmites, and numerous cave formations inside Lookout Mountain to marvel at its red waters.